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World Technology

I maintain that all things should be designed to be intuitive for the user and not just for the designer.

Have you heard people say something like “We switched the TV to the wrong thing somehow and now we cannot figure out how to switch it back!”

Everything that we want to use to do a job, and not just to play around with for its own sake seems to come with a Full Set of Video Tutorials that will enable you to install! Plus – “If you have any difficulties visit the website Forum and be sure to view the FAQs Section or just “Make out a Ticket via the Support Section”. Sorry, life’s too short!!

I have often – made out tickets to ask questions and the answers are often so short and off-hand that the operative, either – didn’t take the time to try to understand me or my problem or – the answer was so full of jargon that it presumed a high degree of understanding on my part.

If I understood the advice I would not have needed to have asked the question! In other words “you’re on your own boy”!

It can be fun but it’s very time consuming and in the end, I usually have to find out the hard way by trial and error just as I always have done. Make it, break it and make it again until I hopefully have some kind of understanding of how the thing works.

To do my bit in our war against technical jargon I have begun to make some video tutorials of our own!

The beauty with computers and the internet is that, whilst it can be difficult, in the end “we retain” the ultimate power – the delete button!

If we do not like something or someone… We can turn them off!

I hope that you will get a chance to take a look at some of these other sites.

Cheers The Info Chief


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