Feb 172009

How to find your facebook url.


Big changes at Facebook so for the quick way: Please go to the updated post



The written instructions for how to find your facebook url and please understand that URL means unique resource locator which is a fancy way of saying web address starting http://www.etc or just www.etc.

A SHORT VIDEO is available if its easier that way so just click the tutorial image at the foot of the page.

Log in: Log into your Facebook account.
Click Profile: Click on Profile on the top Blue Bar.
Scroll down and find the Create a Profile Badge text towards the bottom and on the left side.
Don’t worry that you may not want a facebook badge, we are just using this method to “get your facebook url” code.
Click the create a profile badge link >>>> Select the CHOOSE WHERE TO ADD >> OTHER.
It may not ask that question if you do not have any other blogs so just click into the text box.
Click and copy the code from where it says 1. Copy the code below >>> Paste that code into a txt document and it should look something like this.
<!– Facebook Badge START –><a href=”http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Nettleton/1324290959″ target=”_TOP” BLAH BLAH BLAH etc etc etc On and On and On right up to: Make your own badge!”>Create Your Badge</a><!– Facebook Badge END –>
To take out your Facebook URL aim your mouse and select the bit that goes in between HERE starting http etc—->http://en-gb.facebook.com/TheInfoChief<—- and HERE which might be numbers (like above) or as in the example here just a name but in either event it’s all the detail between the “quotes”.
Take out the code between the quotes as that is your facebook url. Paste it into the address bar of a new browser tab, click go and that should take you to your Facebook home page. If it’s correct then – Save it.

Examine the code and you might see some language code like this http://en-gb.facebook.com/TheInfoChief.

Make your code look nicer and edit it to www. in place of the language code so that it goes like this – “http://www.facebook.com/TheInfoChief”.
Take away the http:// and the “quotes” that you do not need so, starting just with www. paste your code in a new browser tab. If it takes you to your facebook page then save it as that’s the one you want to use for your Facebook URL.
(You can use the http:// prefix if you want or just the www. and either way it works.)

I just wrote a new post as there is a much easier method now http://www.theinfochief.com/4431/what-is-my-facebook-url
Please leave me a comment if you found this useful or drop me a line if you need anything more. Cheers!

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